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Other Work


Hourglass Bar - Commissioned as a housewarming gift, this basement bar logo features a numerical address [1417] of which the latter 1/2 is seen by flipping the logo like a physical hourglass

Flamant mid.png

Chateau Flamant - Commissioned as a gift for a new property owner, this logo is designed to fit the customer proposal of "not knowing what you're looking at until you know it's there"

Princeton Equestrian - Gear designed for Princeton equestrian team as gear chair 2019-2020

  • living in Hawaii (palm tree)

  • their dog Rosie

  • St. Louis & Seattle


Smithing [2019] - A generational family event inspired a fresh logo for some matching apparel, the iconic nose & glasses have long been a staple at family gatherings... a 2nd variation features skylines of the guests of honor's hometowns

Smithing2 SCE.png
Smithing2 SCE2.png
Smithing GRIF.jpg

Cousin #1


Iconic childhood photo of guest of honor dunking on non-regulation hoop

  • big athlete/ sports fan

  • KC Chiefs fan (red/yellow)

Smithing KT.jpg

Cousin #2


Iconic photo from guest of honor's insane multi-day travel 'experience' to a previous family reunion

  • officer in a sorority

  • Truman (purple)

Smithing2 GEAR copy.jpg

Smithing [2021]More major milestones led to another family event with more guests of honor, shirts were designed to honor the personalities of the honorees and additional gear sports a simple logo honoring their names


Community logo silhouette turned into playful lake scene with trip details included

*note this design is a spinoff of an existing frat shirt design & was not a commissioned project

Keowee VacationThis 'frat T' spinoff vacation shirt was designed as a fun piece of memorabilia for a big family/ friend gathering to celebrate the end of summer

LakeoftheOzarks poster.png
Lakeoto BAG.png
shirt front.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 5.37_edited.png

Lake ReunionA long overdue reunion for a group of long-time friends from high school led to the commissioning of gear and posters tied to their old hometown lake (references: Klotzie's Oarhouse restaurant, lake map, bare footing, Tan-Tar-A Lodge, AARP for all 60+ group)


Textiles  - Various textile projects including sewing, crochet, and embroidery

ARC Void.png

Filling the Void

VIS218 Spring 2020

Prompt: design a unique, textless billboard in Princeton


These 'billboards' aim to spark new curiosity around existing campus art and encourage interaction, especially within the local princeton population... by inserting these new elements within familiar spaces, the daily ‘norm’ is disrupted & attention is drawn... then the billboards act as viewfinders for the art itself

key concepts

  • intervention to highlight without detracting from existing art

    • simplicity on form, color, & lack of text

    • physical separation prevents interference with the 'photo op'

  • visual puzzle involving art to entice the brain

  • selection of a few pieces by foot traffic, accessible viewpoints, etc


IDEO U 2021

Prompt: ideate & iterate a design meant to improve the local public transportation experience (selected from provided prompt list)

Sustainably serving the privacy of the user long-term, the My Hop design also addresses the immediate protection of individual health amidst a pandemic... additionally, conveniently stowable surfaces promote productivity without impeding existing space


Chair Studio

ARC Spring 2019

Prompt: design & build a chair derived from  the navy chair [aka emeco 1006]

Through the conceptual inversion of some of the navy chair’s most iconic characteristics--rigidity, reflectivity, and seat concavity--came a chair responsive to its user [flexible rubber joints], productive of its own light [LEDs in acrylic rods acting as fiber optics], & informally suggestive to seating [no clear designation of seat position]

Chicago Home & Studio

ARC Fall 2019

Prompt: develop an architect's small home + studio that mediates between the public & private territories of both site & program (limitations: design for existing lot, <60% lot coverage, hand drawn plan set, and required 2 bed, 1.5 bath, kitchen, dining, living, studio, & exhibition)

By first defining the ‘publicity’ for each of this site’s programs, the proximity of ground and street could be used as a privacy gradient to define their placement...the gap between public gallery & private living is literally bridged by the less certainly defined studio... the site is bluntly clad & formed as it aims to clearly visualize internal privacy


Rethinking the Eating Club

ARC Fall 2018

Prompt: redesign the eating club based on on-site observation & analysis

Dramatic fluctuations in spatial usage led to a dramatic idea for intervention: expanding & contracting forms for each of the five main functions of the building... this design allocates precious internal space to present usage only​... the original floor plans and room count are commemorated in the fractured central yard

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